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Some people collect LEGOs. Some people collect toy trains. Some people appreciate both. That last group should be the perfect audience for The LEGO Trains Book, a comprehensive guide for using the construction toy to build your own tabletop train line.

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Eating hotdogs in a bun are easy enough – slice the bread from the side and slap the sausage in. But why eat things in a simple manner when you can always complicate it? That’s exactly what you can do with the Hotdogger. A tool for drilling holes in into your hotdog buns, the tool lets you build a crevice that goes through the center of the bread, allowing you to slide your meat right in, so you can pretend you’re eating a corndog. We know, that corndog batter tastes so much better than the buns you get from the baker, but nobody ever said it’s a perfect recreation. Just use your imagination. Or something.


hances are, you’ve owned or, at least, borrowed one of those multi-colored pens before, where you choose which color of ballpoint you’re going to write with by simply clicking on that specific color. It’s a nice novelty, especially if you like color-coding your notes. The Suck UK CMYK Pen takes that familiar design, but replaces [...]


Key Armory first showed up three years ago, making blank keys clad in the likeness of swords from popular culture. Well, those novelty keys are popular enough that the company continues to thrive to this day. Their latest creation: the Key Armory Sword Drives, which bring those same sword designs into USB drives.


There’s no shortage of personal watercrafts (PWC) in the market, whether you want to explore the watersrace with friends, or show off fancy tricks to impress girls at the beach. What appears to be missing are jet skis that you can use for fishing. That changes with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro


There’s plenty of options out there when it comes to construction toys, from popular brands like LEGO and K’NEX to upcoming outfits like Plus-Plus and Lini Cube. And while LEGOs are excellent for creating pixel art models, these PIXL magnetic blocks will definitely do a far better job.

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We’re big fans of Nerf’s Rival line, with its excellent shooting mechanics, faster rate of fire, and high-impact ammo allowing for a more realistic gameplay experience than standard foam blasters. Just because it’s more realistic doesn’t mean you don’t want to have crazy fun every now and then. As far as Nerf battles go, few things are as crazy fun as spamming your opponents with a torrent of ammo and that’s exactly what you can do with the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K.

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Do Yoga Tote


Log out, shut down, do yoga! This large yoga tote is the perfect carryall for yoga all of your yoga class essentials! Tote your yoga mat, towel, water bottle and purse in this oversized 22 by the 15-inch bag! Canvas Co totes are of with sturdy and beautiful cotton canvas and a custom yoga design. 100% Cotton Canvas Interior and Exterior with Leather Straps.


Most people don’t buy espresso machines for their homes, instead opting for small manual options  – most of those things are too darn big for the kitchen counter and too darn expensive for a home appliance, after all. Thankfully, both of those things are slowly changing. Case in point: the Breville Bambino Plus, a compact espresso machine that should let you make all sorts of fancy coffee drinks from the comfort of your home