We’re big fans of Nerf’s Rival line, with its excellent shooting mechanics, faster rate of fire, and high-impact ammo allowing for a more realistic gameplay experience than standard foam blasters. Just because it’s more realistic doesn’t mean you don’t want to have crazy fun every now and then. As far as Nerf battles go, few things are as crazy fun as spamming your opponents with a torrent of ammo and that’s exactly what you can do with the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K.


hances are, you’ve owned or, at least, borrowed one of those multi-colored pens before, where you choose which color of ballpoint you’re going to write with by simply clicking on that specific color. It’s a nice novelty, especially if you like color-coding your notes. The Suck UK CMYK Pen takes that familiar design, but replaces [...]